Joining Us

Our membership numbers nearly 200, but we do have vacancies for new members. 

The current annual subscription is £42.

You can also attend any of our lectures as a ‘visitor’ (at a cost of £6 per lecture). 

If you would like to join us, or you have a query, please contact us by  clicking here

If you join us we will invite you to gift aid your subscription. This means The Arts Society will be able to claim the gift aid on the part of your subscription that we pass to them. This is currently £12:60, and it pays for us to have access to their Directory of lecturers and their other support services, as well as their quarterly magazine which they post to you.

We also invite you to provide your email address so that we can post you our monthly newsletter about forthcoming lectures. Our data protection policy below sets out how we will treat your contact details safely and securely, only using them for the legitimate activities of the Society, and only sharing them with The Arts Society for the purposes of gift aid administration and posting you the quarterly magazine.


We take members’ and lecturers’ privacy seriously, and we will adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, ensuring personal data is used fairly and lawfully, in accordance with the Society’s legitimate activities.

We will:

 -       ensure the information provided by members and lecturers is used solely for the legitimate activities of the Society

-       protect and store members’ personal data safely, keeping their joining forms, renewal forms and gift aid declaration forms in a safe place

-       in placing members’ personal data (names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses) on to the Arts Society website, ensure only certain members of the Society’s committee have access to this data for the purposes of carrying out administrative functions in relation to legitimate society activities

-       in uploading members’ names and email addresses on to mailchimp, ensure these are only used for communicating with the membership on legitimate Society matters

-       only use members’ email addresses with their permission, and inform them, both on joining and at renewal, that they may withdraw their permission for this at any time, in which case we will delete their email addresses from both ours and The Arts Society records, as well as mailchimp

-       delete a person's data if the person requests it or the person is no longer involved with the Society

-       not pass on any person's personal data to a third party without the express permission of the person, with the exception of The Arts Society, in which case, The Arts Society will only use this data for the purpose of mailing the quarterly Arts Society magazine, Review, and for administering gift aid declarations

-       if at any time, we need to print out members’ details, we will keep these lists safely and destroy them when no longer needed for the legitimate administrative functions of the Society

-       any printed documentation holding data relating to lecturers will be kept safely, and destroyed when it is no longer needed for the legitimate administrative functions of the Society

-       ensure if any documents or emails containing members’ or lecturers’ data are held by committee members on their computers that these are only retained where it is necessary for the purposes of performing legitimate administrative functions of the Society, and are deleted when the data is no longer needed for this purpose, and/or when the committee member ceases to have that function

-       obtain explicit permission for photographs to be published