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10 July 2019Postcards from Far and Near: Picturing the 20th Century
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13 November 2019Turner
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08 January 2020Raphael - A Master in the Making
12 February 2020The Field of Cloth of Gold
11 March 2020Double Dutch: Symbols, Emblems and ‘Double- Entendre’ in Dutch paintings
08 April 2020Art in Advertising
13 May 2020Dresden and its Treasures
10 June 2020The Glamour Years: Jewellery & Fashion 1929-1959

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Postcards from Far and Near: Picturing the 20th Century Chloe Sayer Wednesday 10 July 2019

For over a century, postcards have pictured our shared history across the globe. They have documented the changing role of women, the growth of cities, evolving styles of architecture, home decoration, royalty, celebrity, the rise of cinema, aviation, the automobile, fashion trends, celebrations and holidays. Few people, places or things have not become the subject of a postcard. But the age of the postcard is over. With our mobile phones, we take and send images in an instant. This lecture celebrates the history and scope of picture postcards — bearers of news and repositories of memory.