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11 July 2018The Seine: River of Light, Artists’ Delight, the Home of Impressionism
10 October 2018The Gates of Heroes
14 November 2018William Hogarth: Snapping at the Heels of the Establishment in the 18th Century
12 December 2018We Three Kings - The Coming of the Magi
09 January 2019Sir Christopher Wren and the Wren churches
13 February 2019Curiouser and Curiouser: The Life and Works of Lewis Carroll
13 March 2019Manet and Music
10 April 2019Faberge at the Court of the Tsar
08 May 2019Riviera Paradise Art: Art, Design and Pleasure in the 1920s
12 June 2019The Elgin Marbles

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The Seine: River of Light, Artists’ Delight, the Home of Impressionism Carole Petipher Wednesday 11 July 2018

This wonderful river, often referred to as “The River of Light” , was a major influence on the development of Impressionism. This lecture will follow the course of the river; a travelogue with the Impressionists at its core. Beginning where it all began with Open Air Painting, our lecturer, Carole Petipher, will track the rise to recognition of this new wave of artists, introducing little known facts about them, and featuring their art and their colourful exploits.

Carole has been a guide and lecturer on combined history/art tours in France. She has over ten years experience of life aboard river vessels on the Seine, Oise, Marne and Rhone - this offered her the chance to explore and further research certain riverside locations linked to art, so helping to develop her in-depth knowledge of this fascinating subject.