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14 November 2018William Hogarth: Snapping at the Heels of the Establishment in the 18th Century
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10 July 2019Postcards from Far and Near: Picturing the 20th Century
09 October 2019Royal Collectors: Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their Art

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William Hogarth: Snapping at the Heels of the Establishment in the 18th Century John Iddon Wednesday 14 November 2018

Possibly the first universally acknowledged ‘great’ British-born artist, Hogarth demonstrated his genius in an astonishing variety of forms: engraving, satirical ‘progresses’ like Marriage a la Mode, portraits and ‘history’ paintings. He was a determined and pugnacious man battling for artists’ rights and for recognition of home-grown artists in a climate of prejudice in favour of their continental counterparts. He was a good man (a major supporter of Thomas Coram’s new Foundling Hospital) and an exposer of greed, corruption and hypocrisy. Above all he can be enjoyed as a lover and illustrator of the seething vitality of eighteenth century London life.