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08 November 2017Travellers Among Mountains and Streams: Masterpieces of Chinese Landscape Paintings
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12 July 2017 Mille Miglia: Cars and Culture
14 June 2017Treasures of the Turf: The Fine and Decorative Art of Horse Racing
10 May 2017The Interiors of Jane Austen's Heroines
12 April 2017John Singer Sargent – much more than just a modern Van Dyck
08 March 2017Faking it – the allure of imitation jewels from the 1500s
08 February 2017Mr Barry''s Great Work: Rebuilding the Houses of Parliament
11 January 2017Renaissance Women: Artists, Patrons and Subjects
14 December 2016The Secret World of Charles Dickens: Conjuring in life, letters & literature
09 November 2016Gold of the Gods: Treasures of South America and the search for El Dorado
12 October 2016Romancing the Rails: British Railway Posters. On Track with the World's Best
13 July 2016The Punch and Judy Show: A Subversive symbol from Commedia Dell’Arte to the Present Day
08 June 2016The Wonderful Mediterranean: Cradle of Cultures and Civilisations
11 May 2016Three Great Families and their Gardens: The Rothschilds, The Sackville-Wests and the Astors
13 April 2016“I am the very model”: Parodies of Victorian Society in Gilbert and Sullivan
09 March 2016Constable’s Great Landscapes: The Materials and Techniques
10 February 2016The Cuisine of Art and the Art of Cuisine
13 January 2016Photography as Fine Art
09 December 2015Hidden Treasures of 20th Century Book Illustration
11 November 2015Three Artists of the First World War
14 October 2015Italian Art at the Dawn of the Renaissance

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Travellers Among Mountains and Streams: Masterpieces of Chinese Landscape Paintings Marie Conte-Helm Wednesday 08 November 2017

Our lecturer, Professor Marie Conte-Helm is an established Arts Society lecturer with a BA in History of Art and an MA in Asian Art. She is currently Executive Director of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group, a Visiting Professor at Northumbria University, a Member of the Board of Governors for the University for the Creative Arts and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She was Director General of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation from 1999-2011 and previously held senior academic positions at various UK universities. Professor Conte-Helm was also awarded an OBE in the 2011 Queen's Birthday Honours for services to UK-Japan educational and cultural relations. She is widely published and has lectured throughout the UK and abroad, including on cruises. 

In her lecture, Marie will invite you to explore Chinese landscape painting through the ages, showing how this important tradition has developed and evolved.

While the title, ‘Travellers Among Mountains and Streams’, is based on that of an 11th century work by the great Northern Song master, Fan Kuan, its key elements, mountains and water, or ‘shan sui’, represent the essence of all Chinese landscape painting.

By introducing a range of examples from different periods, this lecture will reveal ways of ‘reading’ Chinese landscape painting and understanding the differences in content, style and philosophical inspiration that have contributed to the uniqueness of this artistic genre.

Using ink and brush and a variety of techniques and formats, the artist’s response to the natural landscape and to man’s place within it, has been said to evoke ‘landscapes of the mind’.