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October Newsletter
Sunday 30 September 2018

Hello Everyone

Welcome back to our new programme of lectures, which will begin on Wednesday morning, 10th October, when Lars Tharp of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow will be taking us on the epic journey survived by Chinese ceramics in the 16th and 17th centuries.

He will show us how, through the great labour of millions of skilled Chinese craftsmen and porters, these beautiful objects were created and transported from far off provinces - across mountains and oceans - so as to grace Europe’s palaces, museums and stately homes. After Lars’ talk you’ll never look at a piece of Chinese porcelain in quite the same way again! 

Many of you will have already seen or heard Lars on various  TV or radio programmes, including his BBC film ' The Treasures of Chinese Porcelain', but he has many other strings to his bow. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and sits on the court of The Company of Weavers, London’s oldest guild. Born in Copenhagen, Lars read Archaeology at Cambridge, and then worked for Sotheby’s for sixteen years.   He has served twice on the Art Fund’s Annual Prize to Museums and Galleries, and holds an Honorary Doctorate in Art. And, as he is also London’s Foundling Museum’s ‘Hogarth Ambassador’, he will be interested to see that our November lecture is on Hogarth!

Well, there are only three notices to give out this month. The first is that we will be selling tickets at the November lecture for our 28th March outing  - this will be an afternoon visit to Tate Britain for the Van Gogh exhibition, followed by a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra evening concert of Vaughn Williams, Mozart and Beethoven at the Royal Festival Hall.

The second is to reassure you that it is a printing mistake on your programme card - our December lecture will, as always, be on a Wednesday, and yes this is the 12th and not the 13th! You will already have had the correct date of the 12th on the leaflet given out at the June lecture, but I thought I just ought to be on the safe side by pointing out this error on the programme card.

The third is to tell you about the Special Interest morning on 9th November (10:30am to 1pm), organised by the Area Society, at The Menuhin Hall in Cobham. Anne Haworth will be giving two lectures on The Forbidden City’s Imperial Palace and Museum in Beijing, China. Ticket price is £19 per person, including coffee/tea on arrival and during the interval.

The Forbidden City, or Imperial Palace, is the world’s largest palace complex, with more than 800 buildings and some 8,000 rooms set in the heart of Beijing. These two lectures will help us to discover its rich history from the 15th century (when it was built as the palace of the Ming emperors of China), until the present day, when it has been a museum since the 1920s.

Booking forms are available at Or contact Jo Edna Corbyn, Area Coordinator for Education, by email on, or by telephone on: 01737 761521 or 07758 097003.

Finally I do hope that some of you, when you come along on Wednesday, will be talking to me about how you could learn more about what is involved in the running of our society,  with a view to help and/or join the committee in carrying out its various duties. 

So I look forward to seeing you on the 10th


The Arts Society Horsley