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Chairman's January 18 newsletter
Tuesday 02 January 2018

Hello everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and are looking forward to our new year programme of lectures.

The first of these is on Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and our lecturer, Anthea Streeter, will trace his career for us, looking at his major architectural commissions and interiors, such as the Glasgow School of Art and The Hill House at Helensburgh. She will show us his striking and innovative designs and exquisite watercolour paintings, and update us on the restoration of the library in the Glasgow School of Art, following the fire.

Before the lecture, I will be selling tickets for our Royal Albert Hall outing on 14th March to hear the Royal Philharmonic Best of Broadway Concert, with music from stage shows such as Evita, Les Miserables, Chicago, Cats, Annnie,The Phantom of the Opera, Beautiful, Dreamgirls, Wicked, Matilda and many more,  with David Firman as Conductor, and vocalists Cassidy Janson, Abbie Osmon, and Adam Garcia.

The coach will leave about 5:30pm and arrive back at King George V car park just after 11pm.

The total cost of the outing is just £42  - this is less than the normal price for these concert seats, so giving a considerable saving, given the return coach fare alone costs £15. If you’d like to reserve tickets before the January lecture, please just reply to this email.

We also have another visit at the early planning stage - this is to Goodwood House and West Dean in the summer. So we do need help with organising our Visits please. It's a role that is easily shared by two or three people, as there are a number of separate tasks involved, such as making the bookings, selling the tickets, and of course looking after us on the actual day! Someone has already volunteered to help with selling the tickets for the summer visit, and I would also help and advise whoever take on this role. 

But of course I have to retire as Chair at the end of July when I will have completed the maximum 3 years. So I really do need someone to work alongside me over the remaining months to ensure a smooth handover.

Our Treasurer, Ron, will also be retiring this July. This job does not require you to be an accountant, as Ron will testify! It’s more about writing occasional cheques, checking bank statements, and producing the record of income and expenditure for the end of year accounts. 

And Alma will have completed her three years as Membership Secretary this summer, and it would help if someone could work alongside her on dealing with the renewals in July. Apart from this though, the role for the rest of 2018/19 would just be checking people in at each lecture, and dealing with the occasional  membership application. 

And please don’t think that helping with any of these roles means lots of committee meetings. We only have 4 of these a year, lasting an hour or so - two at the max - and they are always very informal and fun! Plus this gives you the opportunity to contribute to decisions on the lecture and visits programme.

So if anyone thinks they might be interested in any of these roles, please do email me back or have a chat with me at the lecture.

Well I look forward to seeing you all at our first 2018 lecture, and wish you all a healthy and happy New Year.

With best wishes