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Chairman's August Newsletter
Thursday 02 August 2018

Hello Everyone

This will be my first newsletter to all those who have renewed their membership for 2018/19, and also to our new members who have joined us for the first time this year. Welcome to everyone.

We have an exciting programme of lectures awaiting us, starting in October. And before then we have our outing to Oxford on September 26th. So if any new members are interested in this outing, please just reply to this email and I can give you further details.

We also have a number of other outings planned throughout the year, and many of you have already booked for the November 27th outing (afternoon and evening) to the Gainsborough Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery followed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Concert at the lovely Cadogan Hall (Sloane Square). There are still a few seats left, so if anyone is interested, again please just reply to this email and I’ll get back to you

We then have another exhibition and concert outing (afternoon and evening) planned for 28 March - this will be to the van Gogh Exhibition at Tate Britain and an RPO concert at the Royal Festival Hall, where the wonderful Pinchas Zukerman will conduct and be the solo violinist for Vaughn Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.5 and Beethoven’s Symphony No.5. I will be sending out more information about this in the autumn, and selling tickets from November.

For new members, I should add that we do welcome your friends and/or partners to accompany you on these outings, especially as there is time between the exhibition and the concert to have a meal in one of the nearby restaurants.

There are many restaurants local to both concert venues, and a number of these offer pre-theatre menus, such as Cote Brasserie (I only mention this one in particular as it is where most of us seem to end up going, and so it’s important to book ahead nearer the time!).

Then there will be our summer outings. And I am pleased to tell you that I managed to get in early enough for us to be allocated a booking for Stratfield Saye - the summer residence of the Duke of Wellington (this is just north of Farnham).  

We will have the whole place to ourselves, and be given guided house tours in small groups, followed by lunch, with time to explore the gardens. 

We will then, as it’s on the way back, stop off to visit the beautiful West Green House gardens, with time for tea, before returning home. I’ll be sending out more information about this outing in the spring.

And finally, we hope to do a morning tour of the Globe Theatre, followed by a matinee performance, sometime in July, but we are awaiting details about their 2019 programme.

I would really appreciate help with organising these outings, such as selling/giving out tickets on our lecture mornings - so if you would be interested in doing this, please email me back or have a chat with me at one of the lectures. 

But we really do need a permanent Visits Secretary, and preferably two people to undertake this role, as this will be my second and last year of ‘holding the fort’ for organising visits. So if no-one comes forward to work alongside me, with a view to eventually taking over from me, we will have to stop having outings from October 2019. This will be such a shame, I think you’ll agree.

You will also be aware that my chairmanship ends this August, having completed the three years term of office allowed. I shall still be on the committee as Treasurer, and of course will continue to help with these newsletters and publicity, in the absence of a Chairman. 

But of course it is clearly important that we do have a Chairman as soon as possible. The future of our Society depends on it!

So again, if anyone feels they might be interested in this role, please reply to this email or chat to me at one of the lectures. In the meantime, we do just need more committee members and general help with the lecture mornings, so please have a think about this - it doesn’t mean that you have to commit to being at each lecture. Even the Chairman doesn’t have to be at each lecture! We do have a vice-Chair and others, like myself, that can cover absences.

And being on the committee also doesn’t mean having to be a computer buff! But, of course, if computers are your thing, then the Publicity Officer role (producing newsletters and publicity material), might be the one for you!

I do of course realise that a number of you have been on the committee in previous years, and have already more than ‘done your bit’ for the society - with some of you continuing to help year after year, even though you no longer have an official role. 

But I do hope that there are some members who have not been able to help in the past, or perhaps are relatively new to our society, who may now feel there is something they would be able to contribute to ensuring the continued success of our society. 

And perhaps I should finally add that being on the committee does not mean endless committee meetings. We only meet four times a year, for an hour or two - and we always have great fun, ably supported by plentiful tea/coffee and delectable cakes and biscuits! So, how can you resist joining us?

Well, I shall now sign off my last newsletter to you as Chairman. I have really enjoyed it, and being Programme Secretary and Vice Chairman before that. But I couldn’t have done my job without the support and friendship of the committee members over the last 6/7 years. We have been so very lucky to have such hardworking and committed people on our committee, many of them still willingly giving of their time and help, long after they’ve retired from their roles! 

But of course it is the members who make the Society what it is. And I think you have made it a very open, welcoming, friendly and sociable society, always engaging, appreciative and responsive to the lectures. I have especially enjoyed hearing the buzz of conversation that goes on before the lecture.

So I’d really like to thank you for your support and friendship, and wish you much continued enjoyment of our programme of lectures and outings. I know it’s going to be another good year!

My best wishes until we meet again after the summer, when I shall be in my new role as Treasurer.