Young Arts

                                        Fancy Birds!

Our Young Arts Project for 2017 was with Burpham Primary School. Our grant of £200 paid for all the materials used by the children on this project - all 330 children at the school were involved.

Our Young Arts Organiser, Jody Fearn, goes in to help at the school one afternoon a week, which is how we came to be involved and supported the project. One of the teachers there, Fiona Molden, developed the idea for the project which was designed to make the outside entrance for the Reception Class children (it’s more of an external corridor) more attractive and welcoming for them. 

Each class is named after a bird, and all the children in each class were asked to design a ‘bird of fancy’ based on their class bird. All the pupils in each class then voted for the design they liked the most, and the top three were listed, after which each class either chose which of these three they preferred, or if they couldn’t manage to agree on this, they then decided the composite parts they liked the most, and they then incorporated them into a final version.

An outline for each bird was produced using wooden board, and each class then decorated theirs according to their chosen final design. They’re also covered in yacht varnish, so they are ‘proofed’ against our English weather!

Enjoy more of the photos of Burpham's Fancy Birds on our Gallery Page!